Statement to Stakeholders


September 2022


Statement to Company Shareholders



At the beginning of September 2022 Sol Savransky Diamonds, Inc. underwent an operations audit to renew its RJC certificate based on the COP 2019 that includes due diligence of our Supply Chain. The expanded polices that the company will be audited will include the following business platforms:


Anti-Bribery and Facilitation Payments

Anti Money Laundering and Finance Terrorism

Adherence to the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council System of Warranties

Supply Chain Policies including assessment of diamonds and gold purchased from responsible and legitimate sources

Product and Personnel security

Sexual Harassment Policy

Product Integrity Practices

Human Rights

Health and Safety Performance

Community Relations

Environmental Impact Performance

Business Partner relationships

Statement of Commitment to RJC policies and procedures

Commitment to employee policies


Review and assessment of RJC policies and alignment with company policies has been evaluated internally prior to the scheduled audit.


This statement will be posted online.


Sol Savransky Diamonds Inc. is committed to the safety and human rights of our employees and our shareholder and training partners. Our staff is acts in a professional and respectful manner and appropriate individuals have been designated to handle grievances in a confidential and considerate manner. We are committed to continuing our strong commitment to protecting the rights of our workers and by example informing our shareholders and trading partners to continue their practices in accordance with the RJC guidance. By contacting our business partners of our RJC requirements, we are dedicated to educating our industry in the proper workplace practices and procedures throughout the supply chain.


Policies and procedures are available on request.


Eli Savransky

 Eli Savransky


Sol Savransky Diamonds

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